Purchasing a new car is an exciting experience for every buyer; whether they are purchasing it for the first time or replacing an existing one. The market is loaded with models of numerous brands; therefore, it can be equally confusing for the buyers to choose the best one for their family. The all-new 308 5 door Peugeot has been recently unveiled by the company and is full of a plethora of exciting features. So, if you are also searching for a stylish and reliable Ute, this car truly deserves a second glance.

All-New 308 5 door peugeot

1. Style: The all-new 308 5 door Peugeot is provided with elegant and ravishing looks that are capable of offering a great on road visibility. Every detail has been designed to make the senses come alive. The streamlined body of this ultimate luxury Ute is dynamic both in terms of look and personality. The well-design interiors make it the best selection for every family. The i-Cockpit of Peugeot 308 reflects the simple yet the intuitive nature of this car. The sports driving position comes with multiple adjustments, and the steering wheel is quite compact and is highly responsive. The large color touch screen present on the clean dashboard represents the stunning car’s onboard technology that offers great control right at your finger tips.

2. Driving experience: Just as the Peugeot 208 5 door was launched in 2008, the all-new 308 5 door Peugeot is geared up with a responsive and compact steering wheel which lets the drivers respond in a flash to whatever is going on the road. The instrument panel is clearly visible to the driver at all times. So, there will be no need to look away from traffic when the driver is on the road. The Peugeot has been crowned with the title of “European car of the year” for which all credit goes to the elegance, design and dynamics. The buyer will get a mind blowing driving experience with its innovative instructions and controls, offering performance of the highest quality.

3. Efficiency: Efficiency is one of the most important factors that every potential buyer looks for. Due to its simplified look and streamlined design ethos, the 308 is an excellent choice for all buyers. This latest model is 140 kg lighter than the previous 308, without compensating with the space and strength. The headlight and taillights are upgraded with improved LED lights, making Peugeot more efficient than ever. The Peugeot 5008 7 seat wagon is also a great option for all those who are looking for a car that can offer them great fuel efficiency and minimum CO2 combustion.

4. Quality: Peugeot is a big brand that has made a great reputation in the automotive industry on an international level. It is serving the world with the high quality flagship cars that are appreciated by both the critics as well as by the car lovers globally. Peugeot 308 is the latest innovation from the brand that is famous for its quality specs. One can easily buy it from the Peugeot dealership stores.

5. Puretech engine: Engine is the heart of every Ute. It has a great impact on the performance of the Ute. The 308 is provided with an awesome choice of 3 Puretech petrol engine ranging from 1.0 liter to 4.0 litres. The advanced engine technology associated with this Ute is capable of offering a great drive and a power-packed driving experience.

So, these are the features which make this Ute the most desirable car for every family. See more at http://www.citypeugeotbrisbane.com.au/