Like most other aspects in Japan, the system of buying and selling used cars in Japan is also a well documented and streamlined process. Japanese car auctions system requires members to be registered for bidding or entering into an auto auction process. The law states such members have to hold either dealership or an export license of automobiles in Japan. This means authentic agents are only dealing with car auctions in Japan. With the proliferation of the internet the auction process is made available online permitting other customers to enter the bidding fray via these registered agents in Japan. Customers would also realise that the system is very methodical, each step explained in detail by the agent company representative. Complete trust and satisfaction is what the customer would experience after the entire auction / import process.

The vehicle which the customer selects is assured to have undergone extensive inspection by specialised team from the agent’s side. To commence the process a small amount as service fee is charged by the agent. Needless to say the money is safe as the agent is registered with the governmental administration in Japan. With this trust in mind, the entire customer has to specify is the type of vehicle of desire and what would be the budget estimate that the customer would like to limit to.  This is the first step in the JDM car import process via the agent’s site. Vehicles that meet the customers set filter would be displayed.

Many times, the customer would like to get some professional assistance to help decide the particular car for buying. The agent’s site does have such counsellors who would interact with the customer, gather information and suggest the most suitable car for picking. Also to be borne in mind that while some cars may be readily available, there are some which takes few months to be available via the Japanese car auction system.

On deciding a particular make or maybe a few different makes of cars, the agent site would produce the inspection report of the specific cars for the customer’s perusal. This would include extensive internal and external details of the car and its present condition. Once satisfied with the details mentioned in the inspection report would need to pay the advance amount for the agent to place a bid on a particular car. The bid as mentioned before can only be placed by authorised agents forming the Japanese car auctions system. The money is safe and would be returned in full if the auction bid fails.

If the bid is successful, for which probability is very high, as the number of cars available in the market for auction is huge, the agent would intimate the balance amount to be paid for the export process and the difference in auction cost. The customer would not have to worry on the issue of how to import a Japanese car as the agents would take on the entire responsibility right up to delivery at door step.

There have been no reported heartbreaks by customers after having gone through the car auctions system through this portal. This goes to prove the efficacy not only of the Japanese car auctions system but also of the agent who is part of the system.